Chronic Metabolic Syndrome is Killing US

Perhaps you have something called chronic metabolic syndrome.

Don’t wait until you are in the hospital to get the diagnosis.

And if you have any type of chronic syndrome, including chronic pain, read on.

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Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of problems that are associated with the oxidative stress of high blood pressure, obesity, huge abdominal girth, heart attack (the #3 cause of death), stroke (1 in 20 deaths), blood clotting, high blood pressure, diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes (50% in the US), end stage kidney disease, cancer, arthritis, polycystic ovaries, and diabetic retinopathy leading to blindness. Here is the question: Is that cake or artificial sweetner really worth it?

Many of us never even heard of chronic metabolic syndrome. You need to know it.

Metabolic Syndrome, MetS, is Also Known As:

Syndrome X
Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Deadly Quartet

Let’s first say that Pre-diabetes is an awesome diagnosis to get, and you can get it if your doctors is knowledgeable about Preventive Medicine, Age Management Medicine or Nutrition. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes two years ago, and since my grandmother died from kidney failure due to diabetes, I vowed that I’m not going to die that way.

On February 17, 2017, Dr. Mercola explained how 1/3 of slim adults studied had pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a great diagnosis to get because you may avoid diabetes. And if you already have a chronic illness, it is even more important for you to optimize your underlying health and make your systems as anti-inflammatory as you can. You won’t hear most doctors talking about this aspect of your health, perhaps because most have not been as sick as I have been, therefore have not changed their diet in these ways.

A big issue is that 80% of adults in the US don’t get US-government recommended aerobic or muscle-strengthening exercise.

And of course, if you have chronic pain like 100 million in the US, you won’t be doing major exercise anytime soon. But your doctor can still send you for light physical therapy, pool therapy, massage therapy, or rehabilitation. Go ahead and ask.

Your best bet is to exercise, even if you have an ideal weight. Or do you already have metabolic syndrome? You do if you have 3 of the 5 Signs:

  1. A large waistline – central adiposity – almost 2 billion people are obese, a pro-inflammatory state.
  2. High blood pressure – hypertension – (33.5% of adults) – Treatment is needed at 140/90 mmHg for age 30-59, and at 150/90 mmHg for age over 60.
  3. High blood sugar – (34% of adults) Glucose intolerance.
  4. & 5. High triglycerides + Low HDL = Dyslipoproteinemia (non-fasting labs can be used) (Over 100 million adults with high cholesterol).

And now, White, Jarret and Komar say your 2nd:4th digit length is a predictor

I think you can learn a different way of eating to have a different way of living.

~ Dr. Margaret Aranda

Moore et al. at the University of Alabama studied the prevalence of chronic metabolic syndrome. In their March 16, 2017 review, they describe that for adults over age 18, there was a 38% increase in the diagnosis of chronic metabolic syndrome (from 1988 – 2004 versus the time from  2007 – 2012).

That just counts all the patients with a diagnosis. There are still undiagnosed or misdiagnosed patients. And if you are like me, having had a zillion diagnoses that did not stick, then you may very well need to “revamp” your gut and body to “reset” to a new, anti-inflammatory balance.

This is a fact that virtually all studies leave out: medical error, misdiagnosis, or the lack of a diagnosis account for more sickness than the statistics show. The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine reports that 1 in 10 diagnoses are wrong.

The BMJ’s 2016 study showed that medical error was the #3 cause of death in the US.


An April 4, 2017 study by Naessens’ et al from Mayo Clinic, a national referral center for second opinions, found that 88% of the first diagnoses were wrong. For complicated illnesses sent by referral to Mayo for a second opinion, the first diagnosis held up only 12% of the time. This is an important consideration for all patients who suffer from a debilitating or chronic condition. An early and correct diagnosis can make the difference in lives that are saved.

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Add metabolic syndrome to our national obesity rate above 20% in all states, and it is easy to see that a primary pool of hope lies in: our diet.

We should be preventing chronic metabolic syndrome in the first place, and curing the underlying problem. We should not have to pop prescription pills to cure each separate ailment. So don’t think that taking blood pressure pills, insulin, aspirin and cholesterol-lowering agents is going to cure your ails. If that were true, then heart disease wouldn’t be the #1 cause of death.

I am not the only example of a health turn-around through diet. Others have changed their diet and found that it led to improved quality of life, decreased medication dosages, or discontinuation of prescription medications or insulin. It’s really nothing new.

That is the basis of ‘immuno-‘ as it has to do with using food to optimize the immune system that fights bacteria and infection, together with providing beneficial nutrition: immunonutrition. This is The Chronic Life Diet that I will begin to unfold to you.


Remember that inflammation is a local tissue reaction that starts after injury. Only later does the immune system kick in.

We want to do ‘hit’ the gut tissue with components that optimize gut flora – because they are responsible for over 70% of immune function – it’s a plethora of self-made anti-bacterials, anti-vitals and anti-inflammatory bugs that are naturally present.

Our goal is to ‘not’ wipe out the gut microbiome (like we have been doing), but to reinstate an optimal flora.

Research shows that the gut may hold many of the clues we need for healthy longevity:

Stay tuned as we help you learn mainstream ways to create balance with mother nature, your body and your life. Unlike other programs or information out there, let’s go shopping, look at recipes, and take one day at a time! Let The Chronic Life Diet unfold to help you be the best person you can be – naturally.

So hold on to your hat! … and watch what’s on your spoon. Don’t eat it if it isn’t going to make you better.



Dr. Margaret Aranda

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