#8. Teen Mindfulness: 10 Steps to Medical Independence

Your pediatrician knows that one day, your child will outgrow pediatric practice and ‘graduate’ to seeing an adolescent or adult physician. Perhaps your pediatrician already has added credentials in Board Certified Pediatric Adolescent Medicine. He or she may very well have specific recommendations on who the next doctor should be, based on your child's history... Continue Reading →

#7. Teen Mindfulness: 5 Types of Board Certified Doctors

Who should your teen see as her first independent doctor? Evidence shows that patients receive improved medical care from doctors that graduate with special certificates that make them American Board Certified. American Board Certification is a highly regarded certification to hold, as it is revered for all the additional training, clinical experience and knowledge on... Continue Reading →

#6. Teen Mindfulness: 5 Ways to get Continuity of Care

When your child progresses from pediatric to adolescent medicine, the transition needs something called ‘continuity of care.’ While adolescents make up fully 20% of the population, after age 12, there is a steady decline in adolescents’ getting annual evaluations by pediatricians. Although more adolescents are covered by medical insurance, this drop-off may be due to the... Continue Reading →

#5. Teen Mindfulness: 10 Considerations For Girls’ Adolescence

Many professionals encourage the natural inclinations of youth to seek aptitude and self-sufficiency in health care, especially in a gradual fashion, starting when your teen is aged 13 to 18. For your teen who started her first period, and after checking with her pediatrician, consider letting her see her own family doctor or gynecologist. Here... Continue Reading →

#4. Teen Mindfulness: Make 10 Good Choices

Moving forward, we all know that time flies. In one blink, your 13-year-old will drive a car. In another blink, your 16-year old is packing for college. As he or she ages into pre-teen and then teen and college age, consider making your teen mindful of personal healthcare and preventive medicine. Check with the doctor... Continue Reading →

#3. Teen Mindfulness: 10 Concepts on Decision-Making

Your teen needs to be mindful that life is full of choices, and sometimes there are hundreds or thousands of choices that one makes in one day. For every choice, and every decision, there are risks and benefits. If your teen learns to be mindful, it is more likely that her state of mind and... Continue Reading →

#2. Ten Facts about Teen Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

We learn all our lives, and“Neurons that fire together wire together.” The latest studies show that learning new things is valuable, even beyond age sixty. As “neuroplasticity” uses repetitive nerve pathways or wiring paths, new behaviors are established and maintained. Always ask you doctor before making changes to your health care plan. Here are 10... Continue Reading →

#1. Teen Mindfulness: 10 General Concepts

Perhaps your teen is going on age eighteen and getting ready to graduate high school and move out of the house for college next year. She or he has outgrown pediatric health care. Ask your doctor about having your teen become more independent. “What a great transition, from childhood to adolescence! And what a milestone,... Continue Reading →

8 FREE Health Gifts for Happy Family Holidays: “Rule of 8’s”

School vacation break is nearly upon us. There are many things that you and your family can do to break the stress of the holiday season. Let's be pro-active and set up the family for happiness: 8 Family Holiday Ways to be Good to Your Bodies: Deep breathing: "Respond, Don't React." Even three big breaths slow down the stress... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why your Teen Needs to Go to the ER

No one likes to go to the Emergency Room (ER), with long wait times and the possibility of catching the flu. Teens may not be any more reluctant than the rest of us, yet they may voice their fears more adamantly. That’s okay; let’s be reasonable. 10 Reasons Why your Teen Needs to Go to... Continue Reading →

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