3 Newsbits for Nutrition

Take charge of your health - and where has the New Year gone already?! The next bites of food that you eat, well, they really matter! And your next footsteps are so important at tightening up your muscles and waistline! National Nutrition Month is under way, and we want you to be part of it... Continue Reading →

I Am A Writer

So thrilled! I've been writing and #amwriting my newest book, The Rebel Patient. In this excursion, my awareness prompts me to discover anew: I am a Writer I'm also an editor, as my brain automatically edits everything I read, finding spelling, punctuation, or expository writing presentation style mistakes with immediate¬†error-detection. That's just how my brain... Continue Reading →

January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

There is an Emergency Need for blood & platelet donors right now. Patients are depending on us." ~ The American Red Cross You Never Know when You'll Need A Blood Transfusion. It is important that if you need it, you have it. ... waiting for you. Lots of people enjoy the Holidays without going in... Continue Reading →

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