15 Reasons to Say, “Please Pass the Watermelon”

This tongue-in-cheek article is on the very serious subject of Immunonutrition. A little- used word in the general public, it is an international concept used by millions of medical professionals for at least the past 8 years. We at "The MD, PhD is In" would like to see that you know about it. Just for... Continue Reading →

#3: Five Steps: How to Pick a Papaya: “Be Picky”

The #1 Rule of Shopping for any fruit or vegetable: "Be Picky when you Pick a Papaya." 5 Steps to Follow when Picking a Pretty Papaya: If possible, always grow your own produce from non-pesticide seeds, buy from a well-established and reputable farmer, or go certified organic. Procure the purest papaya, purposefully picked with purity... Continue Reading →

#2: Ten Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya Seeds are nutritious, although not the same as eating the fruit.  Papain Protein Breakdown: Papayas eat leftovers! Their gut-assisting enzymes like papain break down unused protein leftovers in your food. Always talk to your doctor before incorporating too much papaya in your diet. Papaya Carpaine Killer: Papaya's anthelmintic alkaloid carpaine kills parasites and amoeba. Can you picture that? By breaking... Continue Reading →

#1: Ten Reasons to Choose Papaya for Immunonutrition

Papaya is also known as "pawpaw" or "papaw." The Yellow, Ripe Papaya. Note that there is very little green on it. Image Courtesy: http://www.buyfruit.com.au The papaya's fruit, seeds and leaves have been used for lots of benefits. Here are 10 Reasons to Choose Papaya for Immunonutrition: Anti-bacterial: For example, Carica papaya extract was found to exert anti-bacterial... Continue Reading →

“The MD, PhD is In”

Welcome to the new blog, "The MD, PhD is In." We have set goals that are different than usual, so this is a summary. In each of our articles, our goal is to mindfully present a well-thought out decision tree for you and your teen to be well (literally and figuratively) on your way to... Continue Reading →

Remembering Dementia: 15 Considerations for your Loved One

Dr. Aranda likes to emphasize positivity and quality of life. This post accentuates the benefits of recalling good memories.

5 Answers: What is The Chronic Life Diet?

The Chronic Life Diet by Dr. Margaret Aranda focuses on food that is good medicine to the body, mind and soul. When you eat, your food fights for your health.

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