#2: Ten Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya Seeds are nutritious, although not the same as eating the fruit.  Papain Protein Breakdown: Papayas eat leftovers! Their gut-assisting enzymes like papain break down unused protein leftovers in your food. Always talk to your doctor before incorporating too much papaya in your diet. Papaya Carpaine Killer: Papaya's anthelmintic alkaloid carpaine kills parasites and amoeba. Can you picture that? By breaking... Continue Reading →

“The MD, PhD is In”

Welcome to the new blog, "The MD, PhD is In." We have set goals that are different than usual, so this is a summary. In each of our articles, our goal is to mindfully present a well-thought out decision tree for you and your teen to be well (literally and figuratively) on your way to... Continue Reading →

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