What does ‘Iatrogenic’ Mean?

The etimology (origin) of the word, “iatrogenic” is from the Greek:

iatros – physician
genic – English

iat·ro·gen·ic \  ī-ˌa-trə-ˈjen-ik adjective  


Iatrogenic (Merriam-Webster)

“induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures




– jə-ˈnis-ət-ē \ noun


In other words, the physician did it.

Examples of Iatrogenic Events:

  • George Washington was blood-let by physicians who thought they were saving him. His death was iatrogenic.
  • The pharmacist misread the doctor’s handwriting and gave the patient the wrong drug. The patient got the wrong drug due to an iatrogenic handwriting error.
  • (Extreme case) The surgeon amputated the wrong leg. The mistake was iatrogenic.

What made you want to know what ‘Iatrogenic’ means?

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7 thoughts on “What does ‘Iatrogenic’ Mean?

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  1. Thank you for your comment – it’s great to know what’s going on in medicine these days, right? So much with healthcare, medical error as #3 cause of death, and… oh the non-“opioid crisis” is another big one. I need to write a blog on that next. After I turn in The Rebel Patient to publish.

    Have updated it to reflect iatrogenic suicides due to no pain meds – truly sad. I pray you and all who stop by are not affected. Any of us can have pain tomorrow, so hope to pave the road responsibly. 😉 ((Hugs!))


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