I park in the #disability spot.
People look at me funny because
I’m #standing.
They don’t know
‘Not every disability is visible’

Thank you for sharing. I went into a restroom in the mall, a quiet time with nothing much going on… but when I walked in, the ‘Handicapped’ stall had no sign on it so a healthy teen just danced her way in, without a care.

Of course she did. I don’t look disabled.



I had to wait for her to finish, as there was someone else in the only other stall…

I waited..

…in pain.

~ ~ ~

So maybe, if you are healthy and you use the disabled stall in a restroom, it would be polite to ask that other person in the room if they need it first, for disability, …. even if they look ‘normal.’ Do you think that is too much to ask? Or am I too easily offended? Just leave a Comment if you’d like. And I know, I should have spoken up, but I was too embarrassed. I suppose that next time, I will be more assertive but it’s not my natural personality. I’ve received too many condescending looks just for parking in a disability spot, and it’s not a fun feeling to regularly encounter, by ‘choice.’

So in case you do first ask a ‘normal’ person if they need to use a disabled facility before you do, just don’t be surprised if they’re standing straight up and they say,

Why, yes! Thank you! How did you know?

I know I look like I’m healthy, but I’m not. It’s a funny thing that even doctors don’t understand. It’s an even funnier thing to finally be out of a wheelchair but ‘miss’ the way nice people used to treat you because of that chair.

I hope this helps you to understand disabled people.

Thank you for your politeness and consideration of everyone, everywhere.