I Stand Up and Faint

As with many invisible illnesses, dysautonomia and POTS are not "rare." They are frequently misdiagnosed, undiagnosed, or completely unrecognized.

#5. Teen Mindfulness: 10 Considerations For Girls’ Adolescence

Many professionals encourage the natural inclinations of youth to seek aptitude and self-sufficiency in health care, especially in a gradual fashion, starting when your teen is aged 13 to 18. For your teen who started her first period, and after checking with her pediatrician, consider letting her see her own family doctor or gynecologist. Here... Continue Reading →

#4. Teen Mindfulness: Make 10 Good Choices

Moving forward, we all know that time flies. In one blink, your 13-year-old will drive a car. In another blink, your 16-year old is packing for college. As he or she ages into pre-teen and then teen and college age, consider making your teen mindful of personal healthcare and preventive medicine. Check with the doctor... Continue Reading →

#3. Teen Mindfulness: 10 Concepts on Decision-Making

Your teen needs to be mindful that life is full of choices, and sometimes there are hundreds or thousands of choices that one makes in one day. For every choice, and every decision, there are risks and benefits. If your teen learns to be mindful, it is more likely that her state of mind and... Continue Reading →

#1. Teen Mindfulness: 10 General Concepts

Perhaps your teen is going on age eighteen and getting ready to graduate high school and move out of the house for college next year. She or he has outgrown pediatric health care. Ask your doctor about having your teen become more independent. “What a great transition, from childhood to adolescence! And what a milestone,... Continue Reading →

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