10 Reasons Why a Hug is Healthy

Yes, that's right! Do you think it's tiring to Share a Hug with your Friends? Can you get a Hug from your teenager? Do you inwardly seethe when Aunt Martha wants to squeeze you? Guess what? You do need to actually Hug back, because all Hugs are Shared! A heart-to-heart Hug (literally, chests touching for 30 sec)... Continue Reading →

Taking Shape

 I don't roar anymore. Figure 1. The Rebel Patient is on Twitter. She wants you there, too. You can Re-Tweet (RT) this Tweet here: ~ ~ ~ I try not to get too excited when silly or amazing things happen because I don't want my emotions to completely carry me away. Figure 2. I try not to... Continue Reading →

#6. Teen Mindfulness: 5 Ways to get Continuity of Care

When your child progresses from pediatric to adolescent medicine, the transition needs something called ‘continuity of care.’ While adolescents make up fully 20% of the population, after age 12, there is a steady decline in adolescents’ getting annual evaluations by pediatricians. Although more adolescents are covered by medical insurance, this drop-off may be due to the... Continue Reading →

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