Switching from Warfarin to Rivaroxaban

In transitioning from warfarin or Coumadin® to rivaroxaban or brand name Xarelto®, it is important to know how it works: it stops clotting factor Xa from working, thinning the blood. It starts working after a few hours of taking it. If you stop taking it, your blood returns to normal clotting in 1-2 days. For... Continue Reading →

#8. Teen Mindfulness: 10 Steps to Medical Independence

Your pediatrician knows that one day, your child will outgrow pediatric practice and ‘graduate’ to seeing an adolescent or adult physician. Perhaps your pediatrician already has added credentials in Board Certified Pediatric Adolescent Medicine. He or she may very well have specific recommendations on who the next doctor should be, based on your child's history... Continue Reading →

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