Summary of Books by Dr. Margaret Aranda

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Book 1

No More Tears: A Physician-Turned Patient Inspires Recovery

Dr Margaret Aranda credits her love of children for inspiring her life’s goals and talents.

Although she was cantankerous at 16 years of age and ran away after graduating Granada Hills High School, her role on their Swim Team shaped discipline and the mental health of athletics, teamwork, and competition. After cooking and cleaning for 7 children total, her reason for running away is:

“I knew everything.”

After the car accident with her daughter, everything changed. So hug your children every day and be grateful if you can get out of bed.


No More Tears is Out of Production until Summer of 2017, when SaySaga Inspirational will Re-Release it in its original form! 

Written while severely brain-injured, this book was inspired after a near-death experience at the door to heaven.

You live with a disability day in and day out. You go through the pain of being told it’s “all in your head” and being accused of pretending. Dr. Margaret Aranda teaches you how doctors think, how to present yourself to them and how to live with a chronic illness. She gives you tools to take with you to the Dr.’s office.

Mind you, Dr. Aranda was trying to tell you how to survive while brain-injured, and of course, you can tell… some parts of the book repeat themselves. The Appendices are almost a 2nd book in themselves.

Nonetheless, the Appendices are almost a 2nd book. They are that comprehensive. Highly acclaimed by those with invisible illnesses, themselves!

Audience: Non-fiction, inspirational, true story, memoirs, chronic illness, spoonies, long-term care, disability, medical students, brain, neurology, women’s health, critical illness, medical ethics, death and dying and out of all of this: Miracles!

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Book 2:

Stepping from the Edge: 10 Lessons

Stepping from The Edge is Out of Production until Summer of 2017, when SaySaga Inspirational will Re-Release it in its original form! 

What makes a survivor? How do people get through hard times … and come out of it smiling?



Re-Release in its Original Form, Summer 2017, SaySaga Inspirational Books, Music & Art, Ltd.

Dr. Margaret Aranda takes you to the very essence of her story. She gives you the very skillset that kept her living from one morning into the evening, and then into the evening to the next morning – literally!

Use this 10-Step Workbook and skill set to make it through your storm! And help yourself be re-created into a different and better person!

Why? Because if you get on the edge of your nerves and feel like freaking out, you don’t do anyone any good at all. Remember that part of who you are is: how you respond to negative things. So be the best person you can be – and this will show you how!

Audience:  Non-fiction, motivation, self-help, inspirational, spiritual, teen, Christian

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Book 3

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug

Stepping from The Edge is Out of Production until Summer of 2017, when SaySaga Inspirational will Re-Release it in its original form! 

Mommy and daughter used to garden at sunset time, listening to the birds and watching the ladybugs do their thing! Oh! But don’t they love to have parties? Aren’t there ‘man-bugs’ too? Well, be hearty! Let’s get a good laugh and be just as silly as we can be! It’s fun!


LMTS LBBookCover

Join us at SaySaga Inspirational Books, Music & Art Production, Ltd for Re-Release!

Crack up with your child, who surely will want to read the same story over and over again! Go ahead and lie on the grass! And as a bonus, there are plenty of ideas to host your own Ladybug Party – of all things – go ahead and wear wings! An antennae! See Little Missy Two-Shoes’ book and her party ideas here!

Coming out in the Summer of 2017 as a Re-Release, same book! Same cover! Join us at SaySaga Inspirational Books, Music & Art Production!


Book 4

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to Go to School


Well, no kid wants to leave their Mommy to go to school, and Little Missy wasn’t any exception. Her Mommy taught her several very fun things about going to school, and Little Missy Two-Shoes eventually loved to dress up and get all her stuff together and

Woo! Hoo! Off she flew!

So, think about those times a toddler needs help going to school: after the summer, after the Holidays, and well, after being sick, too! If Little Missy Two-Shoes likes school too, then your toddler will say,

I like school, too!


Book 5

Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time

Scheduled for Re-Release under New Book Cover, July 2017!


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From what Aristotle thought of menstruation, all the way through:

… the first period, the Gardasil shot (no!), birth control (no Essure!), having sex, miscarriage, pregnancy, bleeding during each trimester of pregnancy, hysterectomy (no morcellator!), invisible illnesses, caregivers, aging, immunonutrition, informed consent, and well,

… you get the idea on teen & women’s health and wellness!

Audience: Teens, mothers, dads, especially single parents, schools, women’s health, pregnancy, relationships, disability, chronic life, caregivers, elders, hospitals, patients, life, aging, age management and more!

~ ~ ~


Book 6

The Rebel Patient



Well, Dr. Margaret Aranda eventually recovered from two TBI’s with DI enough to write a jam-packed and concentrated self-help book for patients to negotiate through the healthcare system! This is for you!

Written from the patient’s experience, putting patient’s first, keeping an eye out for patient safety and correct diagnosis in a timely fashion – aren’t these what we expect from the medical system? Well, if you have a mysterious illness or even a rare disease or an invisible illness like diabetes or heart disease, you need an early diagnosis, not one that takes decades!

Learn how doctors think, and how to,

Fight for your diagnosis.

Awaken to many things that you just couldn’t realize.

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