Supplements for Aging and Pain Management: Cenegenics Formulary

By popular request, this post is to show you some best-selling products on the Cenegenics Formulary of supplements. Since Cenegenics is anti-aging, many products are anti-inflammatory. They work to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress – this also helps with migraines, heart disease, low back pain, low energy, sex drive and sleep. With balanced hormones and a good diet, many can lose weight, get pain control, boost energy, retrieve sex drive and revive relationships.

Full Disclosure: I am a Fellow in Age Management with Cenegenics. This is to advise you that the link to the formulary is an affiliate link and depending on which items you choose, I may get a small commission.

I believe Cenegenics carries nice quality supplements having fewer fillers than most over-the-counter products. They search high and low, aiming to for top quality.

Cenegenics Formulary 


Microglial Cell Inhibitors and Anti-Inflammatories

Antarctic Krill Oil

Marine Fish Oil Softgels

Poli+ (also lowers LDL and increases HDL)

Cardio Protect (reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, heart health)


Hormones, Metabolism and Adrenal Support


DHEA Slow Release

Adrenal Support

Adrenal Support – 3 Pack

Vegan Fat Burner Pack




GI Foundation for Women

Women’s Detox Kit

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Prostate Formula

Cenegenics ELITE Performance Natural Testosterone Formula

Heart Health

Methylation Formula


Brain Enhancer Formula (Sold Out)

Healthy Brain Kit (Sold Out)

Bones , Joints and and Connective Tissue

Joint Formula

Cenegenics Collagen+

Advanced D3 with K2

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Fat Burner and Recovery

Cenegenics ELITE Performance Incinerate- Fat Burner

Cenegenics ELITE Performance Recovery


FactorFive Daily Regenerative Serum


Be the best you can be, every minute of every day!

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