The Physician-Patient Bond

Do you know the magic moment the physician-patient or patient:physician bond first forms? There is one.  It’s when a formal contract is made between the doctor and patient.

It happens in a different realm that you may not know existed. Slow down.

Look. Usually, a person in pain or having a medical problem seeks a local physician. Word of mouth leads to an appointment to be seen by the doctor. They meet.

It happens millions of times a day: the patient:doctor or the physician-patient meeting for the First Appointment.

First is the patient’s Chief Complaint, the reason for the visit. During the History of the Present Illness, they talk a lot. The Past Medical and Surgical Histories are obtained. The Vital Signs are reviewed. Then it is time for the Physical Exam. Without touching the patient, the General Appearance is absorbed. Questions persist as the doctor asks more questions. Eventually, the stethoscope comes out.

Listen. The patient:physician bond occurs the moment the physician asks…

“Is it okay for me to listen to your heart?”

Acceptance. … The patient accepts the care.

Touch. The doctor touches the patient.

Bond. You give a piece of your heart away to the patient:physician bond. You tell the doctor things that people only say to one doctor in a lifetime.

Keep it special. ~ Dr.Margaret Aranda

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The physician:patient bond is sacred. Both parties are devoted to healing.

~ ~ ~

Remember not to get too serious about life and realize you’re not in it alone. If may feel like you are alone, but betcha that no one’s like you. Keep humor, music, food and art as parts of medicine, representing Quality of Life (QoL). Keep smiling!

And do what you can do, each moment of the day.

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6 thoughts on “The Physician-Patient Bond

Add yours

    1. We understand from Sen. Kamala Harris’ office today that they cannot repeal CDC nor tell DEA what to do. They recommend writing a Bill, then lobbying for patients with chronic pain. Please notify us if you have more information on lobbying for patients. Thank you.

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    1. Yes, as patients we need to “Not” be disappointed if our doctor appointment does not lead to a prescription.

      However, if we have pain, it is our right to get pain relief. Even Hippocrates said, “Divine is the task to relieve pain.”


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