10 Reasons Why a Hug is Healthy

Yes, that’s right!

Do you think it’s tiring to Share a Hug with your Friends?
Can you get a Hug from your teenager?
Do you inwardly seethe when Aunt Martha wants to squeeze you?
Guess what?
You do need to actually Hug back, because all Hugs are Shared!

A heart-to-heart Hug

(literally, chests touching for 30 sec)

is emotionally equivalent

to exercise and vegetables,

some say!

10 Reasons Why a Hug is Healthy

  1. Brain release of oxytocin, a ‘happy’ brain hormone.
  2. Decreased stress hormones (cortisone and norepinephrine).
  3. Muscle relaxation.
  4. Decreased depression and anxiety.
  5. Decreased blood pressure and heart rate (= live longer).
  6. Decreased stress after heart attack or stroke.
  7. Improved pain tolerance.
  8. Improved school and work performance.
  9. Improved immune function (e.g., fewer and less severe colds) – and Hey! That’s immunonutrition, sort of!
  10. Better Quality of Life!


And by the way, those non-affectionate hugs? They don’t do. 
The hug has to be nice and firm, a real hug!
So go ahead and improve your chances of acing that Final!
And if you smile, then you get all the benefits of Smiles, too!
Stay tuned for the next article on that!
And Here’s a ((Hug!))
~ ~ ~
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This article is from the original one Dr. Aranda wrote on her Perseverance blog
Check out Twitter @themdphdisin.
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