Taking Shape

 I don’t roar anymore.


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I try not to get too excited when silly or amazing things happen because I don’t want my emotions to completely carry me away.


Figure 2. I try not to get too excited. RT here.

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I also try not to get too sad about bad things. In my efforts to remain positive and encouraging, that’s just how I am. Perhaps I’m older now.


Figure 3. There were no big, glimmering windows. Re-Tweet me here.

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saysagalogobluescreen-shot-2017-02-26-at-6-56-19-amAging past fifty was something that just happened without any charades or glimmer of the future dancing in front of glistening night windows.

I think it’s that way for most people.

I’m no different. 

I didn’t know it, but things were taking shape.

everything happened slowly, like the dawn in the morning dew when all the birds are silently sleeping simple snoozes…


… just like past endings,
new beginnings were taking shape

yet unseen….


~ ~ ~
“I couldn’t see it, but things were happening in the background and God was working.”icouldtseeit

SaySaga Inspirational. You’ll find me here birdbluetwitterishfeather

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I have a new position as Editor-in-Chief and I’m taking it so seriously.

You can help me succeed by just traipsing over yonder to check it out

… and I promise you’ll be inspired!

After all, it’s SaySaga Inspirational!

And I like it there.

It’s comfortable.

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Thank you for reading my writings! 

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