I Am A Writer

So thrilled!fightcenegenicslogo

I’ve been writing and #amwriting my newest book, The Rebel Patient. In this excursion, my awareness prompts me to discover anew:

I am a Writer

I’m also an editor, as my brain automatically edits everything I read, finding spelling, punctuation, or expository writing presentation style mistakes with immediate error-detection. That’s just how my brain works, on its own, and I can’t stop it.wrotemorewordsgrammarly

I use the Grammarly.com app all day, and it autocorrects and counts my written words.

I didin’t realize just how much I am writing until receiving this assessment:

Since Tate Publishing is closing its doors on thousands of authors, SaySaga Inspirational will publish my books.


What an opportunity to bring forth all my passions that easily tie into the business model put forth: music, art, books, authors, parenting, bullying, mental health, medicine, relationships, spirituality, God, near-death, and life after death. To name a few.


Of course, I will keep posting all my medical articles here, with an emphasis on immunonutrition, and will highlight authors and books on my author blog, Dr. Author. My invisible illness asaysagalogobluend chronic life blog, My Perseverance will also keep its own tailored posts.

I look forward to having a ‘central station’ at SaySaga Inspirational, and look forward to well…

I look forward to giving you more inspiration!
Moving Onward & Forward in 2018!

Thank you for reading my writings!

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