Squash is a fruit from the pumpkin family. It’s relatives are the melon and cucumber. Zuccini is the Italian word for squash, which originated with American Indians.


Great choice for health, Mom or Dad, teen! See the BONUS below!

7 Categories of Winter Squash:

  1. Pie.The pink banana squash is commonly sold in plastic wrap, cubed. Use butternut squash instead of pumpkin for pie.
  2. Side dish. Butternut. This is my favorite, pictured above. Both my babies had homemade baby food by simply steaming (use the water for water-soluble Vitamins) and grinding. For soup, pie, or side dishes. Stores well, turning sweet and nutty with time. Some stored these cool in November, knowing they last well until February. Try Sugar Loaf, Sweet Dumpling, and Acorn varieties.
  3. Soup and stew. Kabocha-style, Cha-Cha and Buttercup, Blue Hubbard, Carnival, and Baby Bear. Beautiful colors, small sizes, these have fantastic flavor and many can even be used as soup bowels!
  4. Stuffing and baking. Buttercups, Turban, Delicata, Sweet Meat.
  5. Anything. Cinderella.
  6. Pasta. Spaghetti squash. Steam, fork it out, serve as pasta – so healthy and yummy!
  7. Ease and thrift. It’s easy to cook squash, and the food is not too expensive for all the nutrition it brings.

BONUS: To Cook: steam 1-inch cubes of almost any squash for 7 minutes, in 1 inch of water! And use the water – it holds all the water-soluble vitamins!

It’s done!

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