January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

There is an Emergency Need for blood & platelet donors right now.

Patients are depending on us.”

~ The American Red Cross

You Never Know when You’ll Need A Blood Transfusion.
It is important that if you need it, you have it.
… waiting for you.

Lots of people enjoy the Holidays without going in for elective surgery. Elective surgery is a procedure that is not an emergency, but something you have a choice about doing. Now that we’re back to full swing in the Operating Rooms, the need for homologous blood is of utmost importance to restore supplies, which almost never keep up with need.

Ancient Incas’ folklore tells of the first attempt a blood transfusion. The first blood successful transfusion was done in 1667 but the patient died, so the outcome wasn’t successful. People have transfused these things: plant resins, milk, beer, sheep blood, and sorry, even urine.

The American Red Cross relies on volunteers to provide about 40% of all blood transfusions given.
This year, there is a significant shortage of blood.

~ ~ ~

Here are 6 Facts that may Help you Decide to Donate bloodtransfusionpicYour Blood:

  1. Life saving. Blood transfusions can be life-saving, and synthetic alternatives are still investigational. Stem cell research may provide the first alternative to carry oxygen to tissues, and transport carbon dioxide away. 2017 awaits more news on that.
  2. Rate. In the United States, a blood transfusion is given every 3 seconds.
  3. Current need. 14,000 blood and platelet donations are needed each day in the US, as of January 6, 2017. Other needs occur world-wide, some in war-torn areas.
  4. If you needed it. (a) If you family donates blood “for you,” their actual blood is not given to you. It would take too long in an Emergency; their blood goes to help someone else. The hospital may credit your hospital for one unit of blood, if you had a donor donate a unit. (b) If you donated your own blood for Elective surgery, you will probably get it transfused correctly. But hospitals still make mistakes and you could end up with someone else’s blood. Getting a blood transfusion is never taken lightly.
  5. The American Red Cross pleas.  They issued a January 6, 2017 statement requesting blood transfusions, as November and December, 2016 were two low donation months.
  6. Check eligibility. If you are able to donate, the American Red Cross takes volunteers starting at age 16 (in some states) or 17.
  7. The Need is Great. Make a call if you can. If you can’t donate, at least you tried to do something that could save a life. That’s great! Let us know.

It’s easy to find the nearest center and working hours: Just call 1-800-REDCROSS


Are you eligible? See here.

~ ~ ~
Won’t you try to help, if you can, please?

The need is so great.

Thanks for your kind consideration!

~ ~ ~

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