8 FREE Health Gifts for Happy Family Holidays: “Rule of 8’s”


School vacation break is nearly upon us.

There are many things that you and your family can do to break the stress of the holiday season.

Let’s be pro-active and set up the family for happiness:

8 Family Holiday Ways to be Good to Your Bodies:

  1. Deep breathing: “Respond, Don’t React.” Even three big breaths slow down the stress response and automatically lower your heart rate and blood pressure. With your body feeling better, your brain can rest. Try Palo Alto’s Dr. Amy Saltzman has deep breathing exercises for Teen Mindfulness. Why don’t you try it now?
  2. Sleep. You or your teens may be chronically sleep-deprived and not even realize it. Two nights of insomnia would put many people on edge. Not only is bedtime an honorable thing, but also a possible therapy for depression or pain. Sleeping part of the day away is a good way to help your body rest and relieve some stress. Never fall asleep in front of the television. Have a family bedtime routine of brushing teeth, doing facial skin care, and hugging a loved one.
  3. Lay on your Left Side: “Lay Left Lateral” – that’s what you want to do. Helps the liver to freely filter larger volumes of blood, thus providing some ‘liver detoxification.’ Pregnant women are especially asked to lay on their left side during labor or upon hospitalization for labor and childbirth.

“Lay Left Lateral for your Liver.”

~ Lay on your Left Side ~

~Dr Margaret Aranda

  1. Listen to Music: Music can alleviate chronic pain by 20% and alleviate depression by 25%. Reminiscence is also good for the soul, as is group singing with the family. Spread all that good cheer and work so everyone will have great memories. Carole away!
  2. Drink Water: Your brain is 75% water. Drink eight 8-oz glasses of clean water a day. It’s good to urinate at least 5 times a day. Never stress your bladder by holding in your urine until your bladder is about to burst! With aging, many women have urinary leakage problems so be mindful of bladder care.
  3. Give 8 Hugs a Day: When two people hug with their two hearts pressed together, it helps the immune system, fights disease, improves depression, builds trust, and causes smiling. This all leads to better self-image, an increased sense of nurturing (and being nurtured), and so many more good things that we can’t list them all!
  4. Volunteer to Help: Asking to help with groceries, washing dishes (or the car) gives you additive self-worth. Give a hug, turn on some music, hum a tune, do a jig and it’s contagious again! And remember to volunteer for work-related duties, too, like planning a surprise for a colleague who is sick. Teens can ask, “What else next?” after doing a chore… this helps them ask the same question all their lives and grooms for excellence in taking initiative.
  5. Get Physical: (a) Your body exercise: No need to join a gym with high expectations of failure. You can do that in late January: instead, first build a habit of putting on your gym shoes and going for a brisk walk. The Stroke Association recommends one 30-minute, brisk walk per day to decrease your chances of getting a stroke. You also lower your blood pressure and improve bone function. Listen to the birds. If the weather is bad, consider driving to a mall to walk indoors. And where are your shoes, and do you need a new pair, perhaps as a gift? (b) Your body language: touch others. That streams in even more good will, increases camaraderie and… there goes more contagious laughter, smiles and hugs!

Team Spirit! Sleep well, listen to that music while drinking good water and eating slowly! Then sleep on your left side tonight after doing your bedtime routine!

Deep breath! New start! Rule of 8’s!

And remember that many don’t have a family this Christmas so consider inviting a single friend over, as many singles would relish the thought of a noisy Holiday with kids running all over the place!

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

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8 FREE Health Gifts for Happy Family Holidays: “Rule of 8’s” 

Cherish the Moments!

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