Papayas are rich. They are so packed with breakdown enzymes that they have been used to treat such things as colon cancer, vision, parasites and  Dengue Fever.


To get an idea of microscopic happenings with enzyme breakdown, picture this hot tea melting down sugar.

Lots going on here.

Papaya is a sweet thing to eat. Packed with Immunonutrition. Potent enzymes devour proteins.

In much the same way as sugar is melted by hot tea, papaya enzymes break down leftover protein in your gut.

That is healthy.

Papayas break up leftover protein in your stomach and intestines. They fight. They’re Powerhouses. If you can buy them to eat, you’re also helping poor countries like the Philippines. If you can buy them right now, you’re also helping to avoid food wastage.

Papayas are so beneficial and here’s why:

5 Medicinal Properties of Papayas:

  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Anti-fungal
  3. Anti-parasitic
  4. Gut restoration
  5. Liver detoxification
As with all things, moderation is good. Talk to your doctor about incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet into your lifestyle as this is a very good thing, especially for menopause, aging, heart disease and chronic illness!
And pass the papaya, please! 

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