8 Questions to Ask if your Mom is “just not herself.”

Bear this in mind: women spend fully one-third of their lives in menopause.


Around age 50, many women start skipping menstrual periods, entering a kind of tunnel zone of menopause.

It’s important to know when this “gray-zone” tunnel begins to show its binary or numerical phase in a woman’s life.

It can make a woman sad, or blue.

Usually, this occurs in women who:

(1) are around age 50 or

(2) have had their ovaries removed by surgery.

The “Tunnel Zone of Menopause” may very well affect a woman’s marriage, family, and friends. It could really shake her world, and thus re-shape the world of everyone who knows her. Here are easy questions to ask of her.

8 Questions to Ask if She’s “Just Not Herself”

  1. Do you feel like your life is changing?
  2. Do you lose sleep?
  3. Do you get hot flashes?
  4. Are you falling asleep at work or canceling your weekly Bridge Game?
  5. Do you cry easily?
  6. How is it when/if you have sex?
  7. Have you broken a bone from a falling injury?
  8. Do you skip your period, or has it completely stopped?
It’s usually okay to ask your wife or girlfriend these questions.
Actually, it is okay to just know these things for everyday life.


Approaching someone out of genuine concern for them always makes someone smile inside.

Never be afraid to ask your loved ones if they are having problems or if they are okay.

Regularly reinforce to your children that they can safely tell you whatever is bothering them.

It is okay to ask these questions of your woman or loved one who has skipped or stopped having menstrual periods. This can happen even in a youth ages 20 – 30.

Thank you for increasing awareness of Women’s Health.

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If you have a good relationship with your family, you should always feel free

to ask a compassionate question.

Female reproductive system, artwork

Women who have had the uterus or ovaries removed in surgery

are at risk for “surgical menopause.”

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