This tongue-in-cheek article is on the very serious subject of Immunonutrition. A little- used word in the general public, it is an international concept used by millions of medical professionals for at least the past 8 years. We at “The MD, PhD is In” would like to see that you know about it.

Just for about 3 minutes, let’s pretend it’s the dead heat of summer and you just went to a swimming pool party and saw a huge carved watermelon.
On ice.

Is it just ‘water’ in a huge ball?


Hey! Let's Eat Watermelon!

 Image 1. Ripley’s Epic Watermelons. Really, they don’t have teeth in them that will bite. Photo Courtesy epicwatermelons.


1. Immunonutrition. 
Immune System (fights cancer and infections)   +   Good Nutrition (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory

2. Botanics. Watermelon is from the botanical family,  Cucurbitaceae: includes cantalope & honeydew.

3. “Nutrient dense.” It has a higher amount of minerals, vitamins, & anti-oxidants in great “trade” for the low calories

4. Hydrates. Watermelon is 92% water, so make sure that Mamacita abierta (Grandma) gets some, too, in that hot sun!

5. Live longer. It decreases obesity & death rate: as natural diuretic (i.e., you pee more than you drink ~ without losing potassium)

6. Low calorie. Watermelon is free of fat & cholesterol.

7. Potassium-Rich.  It’s good for your blood pressure & can prevent kidney stones.

8. Vitamin CB-carotene Rich. These anti-oxidants can decrease heart disease (#1 killer in the USA), cancer, chronic metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

9. Lycopene- Rich. Watermelon can decrease the risk of these cancers: breast, colon, lung, prostate, & endometrial.

10. Improve nerve conduction. Enhances impulses to optimize memory, learning, sleep, and muscle movement.

11. It absorbs fat.

12. It has the amino acid L-citrulline. Can decrease muscle soreness and recovery time in athletes.

13. Skin care. Watermelon makes your skin & hair healthier “From the INSIDE Out!”

14. High in Vitamin C.  It builds & maintains the matrix of the skin and hair through collagen production.

…So EAT WATERMELON to decrease FINE LINES & WRINKLES from the INSIDE out! 

15. High in Vitamin A.  Watermelon improves hair and skin, aids sebum production, prevents macular degeneration and blindness.

Hey! Let's Eat Watermelon!

Image 2. Vitamin A Function, Sources, and Deficiency. Watermelons are not the only good source of Vitamin A. Other good sources are: carrots, kale, sweet potatoes, squash, dried apricots, spinach, chard, mango, cantalope, and more.

Vitamin A deficiency is the #1 cause of childhood blindness. Liver damage can occur if too much Vitamin A is taken, so eat Vitamin A -rich foods, not supplements. Most would say to buy to grow your own from non-pesticide noncommercial seeds or buy organic only, avoiding pesticides.

Because watermelon contributes so much to so many good things about your mind & body, next time you see it, try to say:

“Please Pass the Watermelon!”

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