#3: Five Steps: How to Pick a Papaya: “Be Picky”

The #1 Rule of Shopping for any fruit or vegetable:

“Be Picky when you Pick a Papaya.”

5 Steps to Follow when Picking a Pretty Papaya:

  1. If possible, always grow your own produce from non-pesticide seeds,
buy from a well-established and reputable farmer, or go certified organic.


Procure the purest papaya, purposefully picked with purity in mind.

Image Courtesy: Exporters India

~ ~ ~

General: Papayas are usually available year-round, are well tolerated by people who have a sensitive stomach, and add festivity because of their beautiful and bountiful color. To boot, they are super healthy and offer a myriad of anti-aging, anti-cancer and therefore, anti-inflammatory properties.

~ ~ ~


The Life Cycle of the Papaya. They are a huge commodity in Asian countries.

Image Courtesy: Ottowa Valley Dog Whisperer.

~ ~ ~

As with all grocery shopping, be mindful.

2. Don’t shop on an empty stomach.

‘Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach’ and you could just purchase too much food that may spoil. No one likes to throw away fruit or vegetables with green mold on them, right? Perhaps that would make a good New Year’s Resolution for all of us:

Avoid wasting fresh produce.

~ The MD, PhD is In
3. Watch the Color.

Papayas are picked when they are mostly green; they are ripe when yellow. So, to eat it today, pick a papaya that is fully yellow. Always, when you plan a meal for a dinner date, pick a papaya that will turn ripe on the right day:

  • For Today: Pick a fully yellow papaya.
  • To eat in 2 -3 days: Pick a papaya that is mostly yellow, with a little green
  • To eat in 5 days: Pick a mostly green papaya.
4. Squeeze for Firmness

Pick a papaya that is not soft but is rather firm. Gently squeeze, and it should ‘give in’ a little. Do not choose a papaya that has blemishes or cuts. Carry it carefully so you don’t bruise it. And, feel it’s weight compared to others in the batch.

~ ~ ~

5. Make Sure it Reminds you of a Pit Bull Dog

Like a pit bull, a good papaya weighs more than just its size.

~ The MD, PhD Is In
A Good Papaya is like a Bull Dog: For it’s size, It Weighs a Lot.

~ ~ ~


Picking the right papaya is pretty powerful when making papaya salsa wonderful.

~The MD, PhD is In

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

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