5 Answers: What is The Chronic Life Diet?

At The MD, PhD is In, we have a key focus on immunonutrition: eating foods that enhance the immune system to fight such things as heart disease, diabetes, bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites, aging, cancer and infections. But now, we’re calling it

The Chronic Life Diet

~ by Dr. Margaret Aranda

What is The Chronic Life Diet? It is anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting. It’s also immunonutrition. The immune system fights infection. Proper and focused nutrition benefits this process.

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Immune System Boost


                 Targeted Nutrition                   

= “Immunonutrition” – “The Chronic Life Diet”

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5 Facts about “The Chronic Life Diet”

  1. History: The Chronic Life Diet increases anti-inflammation and decreases allergic or histamine-releasing foods. It is founded on the concept of immunonutrition, studied and used in worldwide Intensive Care Units (ICUs) since at least 2003. Today, we extend it from the ICU to the breakfast table as The Chronic Life Diet. Fish oil, for example, when given to patients in the ICU, prevents heart attacks and other inflammatory processes:


Immunonutrition has been used in worldwide Surgical Intensive Care Units.
Image Courtesy: SlidePlayer
~ ~ ~

2. Anti-inflammatory: Foods with anti-inflammatory properties can slow aging, and decrease the chance of chronic metabolic syndrome:  obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. All the major killers can be linked to inflammatory processes. Read our article,  The Chronic Metabolic Syndrome is Killing US. It is a major predictor of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


The Top Killers, all Treated by The Chronic Life Diet.
Image Courtesy: Healthicine

3. Immunity in the Gut: The gut contains over 70% of the body’s immune system. Foods in The Chronic Life Diet change the gut flora to increase the “good” bacteria and decrease the “bad” bacteria. It cleanses out toxins and boosts the immune system. It lowers anti-oxidants, restores gut lining leaks, and fosters good health, from the inside out.


The Importance of the Gut in Fighting Infection.
Image Courtesy: Missing Human Manual.

~ ~ ~

Rich sources of anti-inflammatatory foods:

fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

~The MD, PhD is In

4. Food is Medicine: What you eat either makes you well or makes you sick; it is also good for mental health due to sensory stimulation of the nose, eyes, ears and taste buds.


The only sensation of the 5 senses that is ‘left out’ of the food sensory stimulation is the ears.

This is why the tradition of “toasting” wine glasses was founded, as the ears then get to participate in the dining experience.

The Chronic Life Diet focuses on food that is good medicine to the body, mind and soul.

The dining experience is to be enjoyed.

5. Anti-Inflammatory: Don’t eat out of a box. Eventually, one should be free of sugar, processed foods, artificial color, preservatives, cereal, bread, pasta, rice, carbonated soda, power bars, yogurt with fruit and sugar, and other foods that just do not decrease inflammation.

When you eat food, it needs to fight for your health. It needs to reverse (or at least not aggravate) your body systems.

This is the concept:

We Combat The Chronic Life’s inflammation with

The Chronic Life Diet.

~ The MD, PhD is In


~ ~ ~~ ~ ~

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3 thoughts on “5 Answers: What is The Chronic Life Diet?

Add yours

  1. I can testify to the efficacy of this diet.

    In June 2017, I suffered a severe IBS attack. I weighed 205 lbs. My gallbladder and intestines were inflamed. Diarrhea was a daily occurrence.

    After three months on the diet, I lost 26 pounds, had NORMAL bowel movements ( I’d forgotten what that was like!), and the inflammation in my gallbladder subsided. Short-term it’s expensive; long-term, it’s NOT ( no more hospital bills!), and even though I have a severe rotator cuff tear, it hurts far less than it’s supposed to.

    I’m still losing weight, btw. I’m going to a nearby teaching hospital to see if they’d trade an operation for the removal of loose skin for fresh skin mesh material.

    I feel better than I have in 30years


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